The Latino Advantage® in the Workplace

Arturo Poiré and Mariela Dabbah

Using who you are... get where you want to be.

Many positive innate traits shared by the majority of Latinos can be best exploited if one becomes aware of them. This is the premise of “The Latino Advantage®”. The more aware you are of your flexibility, ease in establishing loyal relationships, value system and other characteristics, and the more you learn about applying these characteristics to the American system, the greater your advantage will be.

Through this career oriented book, the authors offer numerous examples followed by exercises to help practice certain skills.

For instance, one of the traits the authors touch upon is having an informal communication style that can be used as an advantage in social situations. Latinos are good at responding spontaneously in such occasions. The disadvantage is that many times the Latino style may come across as too informal in a professional environment so, you need to learn how to manage that trait to prevent it from interfering with your career.

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